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NikiN – Cyber Warfare (Royalty Free Music)

by on May.20, 2014, under My Royalty Free Music


A dark and tech sounding hybrid cinematic score, designed as an underscore or a theme for action-adventure films or gameplay. It contains both soft orchestral elements, as atmospheric strings, light brass and a mysterious piano, and electronic elements and effects, like big distorted dubstep basses, tech synth melodies and complex percussions, as well as big cinematic hits, to add a more modern or futuristic digital feel, as heard in current computer games and blockbuster super-hero movies.

It’s useful as background music for commercials, media advertising, websites or video presentations for projects dealing with dark, pg-rated video games, like hack and slash or space adventures. Great for tech reviews, tutorials and game walktroughs, as well. It can also work for movie trailers and scores, mostly action thrillers or science fiction films. The sound is oriented towards scenes of advanced technology involved in hacking ops or intricate hi-tech heists performed by cool looking professionals dressed all in black.

If you purchase this track for your project, please send me a link through my Profile page or Twitter and I’ll help you promote it. Thanks !

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Linkin Park Promises New Album for Summer 2014

by on Feb.05, 2014, under Music News


After touring the world extensively for the past two years, since the release of their 2012 album Living Things, Linkin Park have finally announced that they are back in the studio, working hard on the follow-up.

In a recent post on his blog, band leader, Mike Shinoda fessed up that the band are happily experimenting with the sound of their new effort, which promises to be a whole different shebang than the previous LP, LT.

Not only is the new record self-produced, but it seems these California hi-tech addicts went for new directions in their approach this time, opting for plenty of fun jam sessions and even vintage methods like tape tracking.

The “bold and energetic” and  as of yet untitled album is expected to be released sometime this summer, maybe to enchant some of us festival-goers.


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NikiN – Hybrid Legacy Trailer

by on Jan.31, 2014, under My Royalty Free Music

A dark, dynamic and epic sounding track, in the style of modern hybrid film scores. The track has the standard trailer length of 2 minutes and a half and contains all the dynamic changes, crescendos and buildups an epic cinematic trailer requires. It starts off with a dark pad, a subtle cool wobble bass and all sorts of electronic and orchestral atmospherics and risers, sounding eerie and horror. Things get more interesting as an intriguing harp arpeggio emerges and the atmosphere becomes even more serious. The soft sound of the harp can make the music suitable for fantasy or middle ages theme based movies or rpg games. The staccato strings offer all the thriller suspense your action packed visuals need, once they arrive around the middle, accompanied by big digital percussion and cinematic drums.

The mysterious breakdown at 1:48 confirms the SF nature of the music, as more modulated electro basses deepen the sense of urgency, before the final stage in epic suspense, when everything adds up for one final grand buildup, exploding in an ominous unnatural synth horn trailer hit. It’s music for motion picture advertising and trailers, as well as for video game trailers and production. It’s suitable for titles and endings, commercials and promos and other forms of media entertainment advertising. It would work great in shooter or adventure games, cops and terrorists plots, as well as epic final battles between Good and Evil, men and zombies and other apocalyptic face-offs.

If you purchase this track for your project, please send me a link through my Profile page or Twitter and I’ll help you promote it. Thanks !

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