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The Prodigy Named Greatest Dance Act of All Time

by on Jan.19, 2012, under Music News

The Prodigy have had bestowed upon them the glorious title of “Greatest Dance Act of All Time”. The poll was held by MixMag and it seems tens of thousands of fans have put their clicking fingers to good use, helping the rave masters beat out names like Daft Punk, Depeche Mode or The Chemical Brothers. You can see here the rest of the Top 20.

The guys took a moment off from their studio chores to say ”cheers” to their army of ‘ants’, who earned them yet another award. See the full message here.

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The Prodigy Choose Video For “Run With The Wolves”

by on Feb.15, 2010, under Music News

         The Prodigy have decided on a winner for their Run With the Wolves video contest. It hasn’t been easy on the boys, since there were more than 300 videos submitted: “there is a lot of twisted minds out there… we ignored number of views, ratings and chose what we liked and have all agreed that the winner is Rob Wicksteed”. Our congratulations to Mr. Wicksteed (and Pew36) for his visually challenging video and the twist ending. After Warrior’s Dance this is the second animated video used by The Prodigy for Invaders Must Die promotion. They’ll be touring Australia starting February 27, till then:


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The Prodigy Premiere “Take Me To The Hospital” Video

by on Aug.06, 2009, under Music News

prodigy hospitalAfter more than a month ago we had an article about The Prodigy’s future single, Take Me To The Hospital. Well, the video is finally here, for the actual release of the single you’ll have to wait till August 31. The video was made available through the band’s official website on August 5, after premiering on the PlayStation 3 application, VidZone (like U2’s latest single). The video for Take Me To The Hospital was directed by Paul Dugdale, who fans might know as the author of the frequently updated mini-movies documenting The Prodigy’s tour. Surprinsingly, it was filmed at the Pinewood Studios and not some old, abandoned… something. To achieve a more grainy picture, Dugdale went for VHS and the result really does look like some old video you had stashed somewhere in the garage. After a Noel Clarke video, a live video and an animated video, it was about time for the band to make an effort and shake it a little bit for the camera. With some shots reminiscing of the Firestarter video, Take Me To The Hospital it’s pretty simple and dirty and also ant-logo-free. However, whenever the chipmunk voices kick in with the chorus, we do see an army of little vandals wearing… chipmunk masks.


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