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“Almost Alice” Goodies

by on Jan.13, 2010, under Music News

Almost Alice             The full tracklisting of Alice in Wonderland‘s soundtrack has been revealed and it seems it will not be just one song and the compulsory Danny Elfman score. Almost Alice will feature an impressive array of indie/alternative goodies and will be out in stores in March. The first confirmed track was the Pete Wentz/Mark Hoppus collaboration, In Transit, but now, it’s obvious that the selection range has widened.

             Avril Lavigne’s Alice (Underground) will be the first single from the album, with a video coming in February. Tim Burton’s lifeline in his early days, Robert Smith, is also an interesting surprise — he will be covering the classic Very Good Advice, with Franz Ferdinand adding to the Brit procent with The Lobster Quadrille. Interesting newcomer, Kerli will contribute with two pieces, one alone, one with Tokio Hotel. Owl City will pour some of his electro innocence in the mix, while harder sounds will most likely be provided by Wolfmother and Shinedown. All Time Low, Motion City Soundtrack, Metro Station and The All-American Rejects will also feature. Full tracklisting HERE.

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The Cure Celebrate Disintegration’s 21st Birthday

by on Nov.27, 2009, under Music News

Robert_Smith               The Cure are known for doing things a bit differently than everyone else and this time they are breaking the -0/-5 anniversary cliché. They are choosing to celebrate the 21st birthday of their 1989 tour de force, Disintegration, by releasing a remastered anniversary edition. It will hit stores in the spring of 2010.

              Of course, the new edition will come with additional gifts, meaning the new Deluxe Disintegration will be a 3 cd affair, even though, truth be told, the bonus material is really just for avid collectors. It includes a cd of rarities from the 88-89 period (intrumental demos, home demos, rough mixes, etc.) and a second cd of a remixed live performance at the Wembley Arena from 1989. Also, 2010 promises more remastered goodies from The Cure, including a Mixed Up 2 album. There is also a hint of a DVD with their In Orange gig, which was released as a VHS by PolyGram in 1988 and begins with a dramatic unveiling of Robert Smith’s trimmed haircut at the time. Classic.

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Blink 182 – Violence : Intimacy vs. Hanging Out

by on Oct.13, 2009, under Non-Single Masterpieces

blink While we are waiting… and waiting… and, you guessed it… for Blink 182 to release some new material, we should all take a moment and remember the wonderful non-single masterpiece that was Violence, song which appeared on as of yet still their final album, the self-titled (or untitled) from 2003. Because of this album, the band’s 2005 hiatus was even harder, because it marked the beginning of a new sound for the band. While still punk and pop, this album had more serious tones. Unlike previous stuff, it talked about love, not about dating, about intimacy, not about hanging out. The sound was hinted at by earlier songs like Stay Together for the Kids or Adam’s Song, but Blink 182 is the album where the boys grow up, they are done with practical jokes, because they feel new things and they need to get them out there. Violence is by no means the highlight of the album. It shares the title with I Miss You, All of This or I’m Lost Without You, but, still, Violence probably has the best chorus on the entire thing. The live version sounds great, too, but you kinda notice the lack of the slight reverb on the “You kill me” line. It makes all the difference.

Album Version

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